Care and Maintenance for granite countertop:

Granite is a high strength natural rock. It is a material of durable beauty and very hygienic, which makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Today, granite brings years of durability, elegance and style to modern kitchen and bathroom countertops.

This material is resistant to water, stains, heat and cracks; For most cases, just a damp cloth will suffice to clean it. We seal all of our kitchen and bathroom countertops and countertops before they leave the factory, however they need to be resealed periodically. Our recommendation is every four months. Oil-based substances can get into granite and take a long time to dry, so we recommend that in case something is spilled, wipe it dry immediately. Granite countertops can be stained and are not without damage. So keep your granite countertops and surfaces looking brand new for years to come with our Care Guide below:

Caring for your granite countertop for the kitchen and bathroom

Granite should not be scrubbed with abrasive materials (such as metallic sponges, scouring pads, steel wool, chlorine-based cleaners, bleach). On the contrary, it should be washed with lukewarm water, to which a mild non-abrasive detergent (Ph7) can be added. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with cloths or something similar. However, metal sponges can be used to clean the sink.

If liquids are spilled, they must be dried immediately. The most harmful are alkaline or acidic liquids, such as lemon juice or vinegar; oily substances, such as lard, cooking oils (hot oil from cooking pots); wine; detergents and alcohol.

Do not leave any mounds of salt or detergent on the surface of the granite.

The granite must not come into contact with strong acids or chemicals, such as strippers, grease removers, oven cleaners, nail polish removers, degreasers or similar products.

For a more durable finish, the surface can be sealed to reduce its natural porosity. Maintenance for the surface should be done every four months after cleaning with a neutral detergent.

Don’t hit your granite countertop with a blunt, heavy instrument. It could crack, chip or even break (the edges are the areas most sensitive to physical damage).

We recommend using a cutting board to avoid possible damage to your granite countertop.

Do not expose the granite surface to excessively high temperatures. We recommend using a tripod or something similar to place the pots that come directly from the burners in the kitchen.