The most convenient way to take care of marble is to go to a specialist company such as Marmolería Gasamans to polish and shine it, especially if it is large surfaces.However, when they are tables, countertops and small places you can resort to certain advice.

It should not be forgotten that marble is a porous material, therefore, stains that are cleaned on the spot are not particularly difficult.

The usual cleaning of marble pieces can be done with soap and water, but special care must be taken to choose a soap that is neutral, which does not affect the nature of the marble.

When there are stronger stains, especially greasy ones, the following tips can be followed:

  • The main thing, as always when dealing with marble, is to clean the grease stains as soon as possible, since if they penetrate the polish and reach the marble, they will be very difficult to remove.
  • In cases where you have white marble, it is advisable to pour a little acetone on a sheet of blotting paper. Then wrinkle the paper as if it were a cloth, spread it over the stain and cover it with a piece of plastic. It is recommended to use masking tape to hold the plastic, so that the paper is in contact with the marble. After an hour, the acetone will have penetrated well into the stain and the grease will have been absorbed by the paper, eliminating any traces of the marble.
  • When cleaning requires more thorough work than daily work, use a natural bristle brush soaked in soap and water and rubbing in small circles, without pressing too much. Rinsing it well with water will have recovered the original state of the marble.