After arriving in Compostela, another stage of the “Way of St. James” opens in front of you: the one that will take you to “the end of the earth”, to Fisterra. There are 5 more stages to Fisterra and Muxia which cross little towns and villages, quiet places, full of colour and peace, where you will find a quiet, meditative and full of live way.

This last stage is the epilogue of the “Way of St. James”. After the joy of arriving in Santiago, the pilgrim, full of peace and happiness, walks to Fisterra to understand the magic of reaching the end of the earth and enjoying its sunset, realizing how the sun sinks in the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.

The experiences lived in the beautiful days of the Way will remain in the memory of all the pilgrims forever, thanks to the photographs taken along the way, the conversations shared, the moments spent together, the legacy left behind.

In Marmolería Gasamáns we want this memories to become especially significant thanks to our souvenirs: way markers made with great care, which show all the beauty of the “Way of St. James”, evoking this “adventure” through touch, enjoying the stone relief, feelinng our own way in each projection, in each fissure.

Buen camino, pilgrim.